Our investment philosophy focuses on the rewards of long-term investing. We have found that portfolio decisions that are based upon emotion rather than a sound discipline result in a short-term focus that invariably distorts “the view from 30,000 feet.”

Our approach emphasizes asset allocation as the first and most important step in the construction of a client portfolio. Once the risk tolerance and asset allocation parameters are established, rigid requirements are adhered to in the selection investment vehicles. Trident Advisors offers customized portfolio design based on a clear understanding of our client’s goals.


The Trident Managed Allocation Program is a service that is designed for the investor who seeks to manage wealth based upon a defined action plan. The program emphasizes goal- based planning and a style allocation strategy that is tailored to the risk tolerance of the client. We utilize independent allocation models in order to develop the optimal mix of asset class, equity management style and diversification. Third-party portfolio managers are carefully screened and selected based on strict criteria and compatibility with client goals. Each portfolio is monitored daily and balanced at least semi-annually to ensure compliance with the original strategy.


The Trident 401(K) Advisory Service is offered to individuals who have a significant portion of their financial assets invested in employer sponsored 401(K) retirement plans. Recent market volatility has given rise to the need for active management of your retirement nest-egg. Trident Advisors, Inc. will evaluate current holdings and make necessary changes in allocations consistent with your overall strategy. In addition, these holdings will be integrated with your other accounts managed by Trident Advisors, Inc. to provide a comprehensive approach to your financial well-being.